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To talk about history in the Basque Country, we must necessarily speak about Balmaseda. The first villa of Vizcaya, offers a whole spectacular heritage in every corner. Thus, offers through its museums a unique tour of the region’s history. Its monuments represent the majesty that, through its ancient architecture, its streets and its traditional lifestyle, immortalize the town in time. Culture and religion mix with the History through the churches and convents. The Old Bridge, on the passage of the Cadagua river, and the historic railway route that links Bilbao in less than an hour, complete the leitmotiv of the town.

The town would not be understood without its representative old town. The museums represent the history in a unique time travel. The History Museum of the City of Balmaseda shows a view of more than eight hundred years through documents, photographs, sculptures and countless art objects that approach architecture, industry and the traditions of the past to the present. In addition, the old beret factory The Encartada emerged as a fascinating historical museum open to the public.

The impressive Gothic church of San Severino opens the doors of the old town to the citizens and tourists, can visit the Convent of Santa Clara, which has been renovated into a hotel resort to enjoy a unique experience under the roof of this spectacular religious building.

But the town of Balmaseda owes much of its historical heritage to the arrival of the Robla Railroad, which served to boost the economy of the region of the Encartaciones. This historic railway attracted industry and allowed to join the village with Bilbao in less than an hour and, also converted the Transcantábrico train, linking Leon to Santiago de Compostela, an example of the railway route, driving the tourism industry in the region.