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Culture is in Balmaseda’s blood. The first villa of Biscay, has a cultural tradition that dates back to medieval times, from the houses and palaces to the land of the Indians. Museums offer a wonderful view of the rich cultural heritage related largely to the religious culture, both for its beautiful churches and ancient monasteries and by the grandeur of the most famous Easter in the region.

The Old Bridge has been witnessing the passage of the river Cadagua since the thirteenth century. The majestic Romanesque bridge gives life to a city where culture, history and religion go together. The monumental Gothic church of San Severino in the heart of the homonymous square, next to City Hall, serves as gateway to the beautiful Convento de Santa Clara, which has been converted into a tourist hotel for those who want to venture into the exotic religion.

Keen museum-goers can still travel through time at the Museum of History of the town of Balmaseda. Located in the Church of San Juan, this museum offers an overview of cultural and historical heritage of the town. And for car lovers, the nearby town of Galdames allows a trip to the Rolls Royce Museum to see the entire world single collection.

Culture in Balmaseda is reflected better than nowhere in their traditional festivals. Holy Week offers an unbeatable experience with the street representation of the Living Passion. The attractive medieval market town, decorates the town to show the traditional customs with festive performances. And, besides, the famous Putxera, is a great example of the excellent food of the town.