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museo de historia


Visiting Balmaseda is getting immersed in a rich and varied cultural heritage. Its museums and monuments combine all the tradition and modernity that makes the first town of Bizkaia a place that transcends borders.

Iglesia de Balmaseda


Time seems to ally with Balmaseda. Its past of medieval and railroad reminiscences is complemented with its present commitment to its history and its roots and future priceless legacy.

Mercado Medieval


Balmaseda’s leisure offer delights young and old. La Pasión Viviente, the Mercado Medieval, or San Severino’s festivity with its popular contest of Putxeras are some of the essential events of the town.

Monte Kolitza


Mountains, forest and rivers give life an color to Balmaseda’s natural enviroment. Unique landscapes to stroll or cycle while enjoying the fresh air and stimulating all five senses.